Basic Compliance Policy

UB Ventures, Inc. (“We” or the “Company” ) positions compliance as one of the foremost priorities. We have established the following basic compliance policies and will comply with the same.

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We will strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations and will act with respect for other social ethics.
  2. Establishment of risk management system
    We will take the necessary measures to control risks and establish a proper risk management system.
  3. Proper information management
    The Company will properly handle retained information in accordance with the “Information Security Policy” stipulated by Uzabase Group, and will establish the management structure and systems to achieve the goals.
  4. No relationship with Antisocial Forces
    We will not have any relationship with antisocial forces, and we will strive to implement Anti-Money Laundering Program and Counter Measure for Financing of Terrorism.
  5. Creation of a safe and comfortable working environment
    We will strictly observe labor-related laws and strive to create and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment free from discrimination and harassment.