• Does UB Ventures invest in specific types of business?

    UB Ventures is a venture capital company that focuses on specific themes:
    subscription services (B2B/SaaS, digital media), the metaverse, and IoT, utilising the business experience and knowledge of its partners and venture capitalists. It also leverages its management experience in Asia to conduct investment activities that support the overseas expansion of Japanese start-ups and further growth of overseas start-ups.

  • Please provide a brief explanation of UB Ventures' investment rounds.

    UB Ventures has strengths in mentoring, focusing on support for newly established companies through to Series A start-ups, spanning the creation of a product vision, development, and co-planning of go-to-market strategies.

  • How long does it take UB Ventures to make the decide on an investment?

    Investment decisions are made through a five stage process: 1) Initial meeting, 2) initial review, 3) project review meeting, 4) partner interview, and 5) investment committee meeting. Typically it takes between one and a half to two months to complete this process.

  • What criteria form the basis for investment decisions?

    In light of the 6 Values & 6 Themes, decisions are made based on three perspectives: 1) "proof of market" (what is the scale of the problem it solves?), 2) "proof of product" (clarity of end user, degree of fidelity for the product), and 3) "proof of execution" (the team's capability to achieve the goal).

  • What kind of post-investment support do you provide?

    We provide growth support based on the management experience of our venture capitalist partners.
    In the early stages, we work together on process design to establish a product market fit (PMF) and provide support for the implementation of a go-to-market strategy.
    Throughout all stages, we provide support for the creation and permeation of
    company culture, in addition to team building and leader development for fostering the next generation of leaders. Throughout all stages we provide support for planning finance strategies and mentoring in the form of dialogue with management.
    For more information, refer to the Support category.