• Does UB Ventures invest in particular types of business?

    Yes, UB Ventures is a venture capital firm that specialises in the subscription business.
    We specialise in this area in order to best leverage the experience of the Uzabase Group (B2B/SaaS, digital media).

  • Please provide a brief explanation of UB Ventures' investment rounds.

    Given the mentoring abilities that we have built up through extensive experience, we focus on seed and series A funding rounds for companies that are still in the start-up phase.

  • How long does it take UB Ventures to make the decision to invest?

    When it comes to investment decisions, UB Ventures follows a five-step process: 1) initial meeting, 2) quick review, 3) partners discussion, 4) partner meeting, and 5) Investment Commitee.
    It usually takes between 6-8 weeks from the initial meeting to the investment committee meeting.

  • What criteria do you have when it comes to making investment decisions?

    Always keeping in mind our 6 Values and 6 Themes (6x6 Principles), we make the decision to invest based on criteria such as "the fit of the business theme", "the amount of issues requiring solutions", "the granularity of the user landscape", "the attention to product details", and "the ability of the team to get things done".

  • What kind of support do you provide after investing?

    We strive to provide practical support to the companies we invest in. On top of participating in management meetings, we offer tailored support that makes maximum use of our business experience, engaging in one-on-one meetings with both managers and employees, introducing people and companies from the Uzabase Group network, and carrying out sales activities together.